things i do to keep myself from going stir crazy…

I really hope these next few weeks go by quickly. In an effort to prevent an endless “groundhog day effect” along with trying not to spend all my savings on wine, I’ve been striving to change things up a bit.

For instance I did a little art project and stenciled a camel onto a tee-shirt to wear to this weekend’s Yelp Uncaged at the Honolulu Zoo event. Animal attire is required, costume is suggested, but since I’ll be walking there I decided that I didn’t really want to draw any attention on the Ala Wai canal, thus a camel printed tee shirt would suffice. Plus, Don’s very favorite animal is a baby camel, so it makes me feel sentimental.

Other things I’ve been up to:

  • Compulsive cleaning. I swear my house has never been so spotless. Too bad Don isn’t here to witness it…
  • Changing my workout routine to evening runs which is really quite nice because the sun isn’t so heavy and there’s lots of good people watching.
  • Reading, and reading, and reading. At the moment I’m working on 3 different books. One semi-academic, one health focused and one fiction.
  • Trying to get a tan. Despite the fact that I live in Hawaii, I am sadly on the pasty side.
  • Travel prep.
  • Trying to tune back into my artistic self for a few minutes each day.

(ps: I promise I haven’t abandoned photography, but I just got instagram & am slightly addicted.)

reporting on: random & bored

So at the risk of seeming vulnerable, here’s a look at my random Tuesday evening.

  • I detail cleaned the guest bathroom and got asphyxiated on Softscrub.
  • Went down to the pool & re-read the Culture Smart Guide to Cambodia.
  • Went to Down to Earth to get vitamins & dinner ingredients – but before I could get it in a really good “health food store zone out mode” I just so happen to hear that it was the magic hour in Honolulu, 3:30pm and I was parked on the street, which was soon to become a commuter lane, which meant my Jeep would soon be smashed or towed. So…I quickly purchased my vitamins & bolted out the door for Whole Foods Kahala where there is ample, no-tow parking. Thus I took my sweet time and bought some delicious black truffle infused goat cheese which just so happened to be the best decision of the day.
  • Watched Horrible Bosses (aka horrible movie) which I apparently and unknowingly added to my Netflix list. If you didn’t get the hint, I though it was pretty stupid. But I guess I  seem to disagree with the critics quite often. Par example…another recent experience attesting to movies I do not recommend… (but the critics did) I went to see Salmon Fishing in the Yemen because it was touted as a “charming” and “hilarious” independent film with lots of character. Let’s just say I walked out of the theater mid-movie because I was too cold in the theater and the movie really wasn’t worth the effort of getting a sweater from my car & going back inside.
  • Watched The Voice & concluded that my little sister Emily Jewell is way more talented than all of the contestants.
  • Stared at a map of Indochina for about an hour while researching flights between the Philippines and Cambodia….
  • Walked to The Face Shop which is an Asian cosmetic store – FYI I’m not Asian but I’d like to have the perfect skin of someone who is.
  • Took photos of the Ikea ottoman that I re-upholstered with vintage Hawaiian coffee bean bags.

  • And  so the rest of the night concludes with hoping to Skype with Don before I bore myself to sleep or run out out of convoluted snarky things to say…